Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada

Massage and Relax in the Alpujarra in Granada

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Variety of massage we offer in Rural accommodation BENARUM ®: Body Massage, Massage in specific areas to contractures, chocolate therapy, manicure, body scrub, relaxing massage, Permanent and dye eyelashes, face painting and night ...

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Its function is to assist the drainage of fluid in the limbs and relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders, face and trunk. Ideal for after a sauna or jacuzzi.
(20 - 30 minutes)


Its purpose is to combat muscle toning and muscle aches or pain due to long walks. It is an ideal complement to before sauna or jacuzzi
(30 - 35 minutes)


It is used for local treatment of sports injuries, headaches, neck pain or low back or other muscular pain
(20 - 30 minutes)


Is intended to strengthen and relax the whole body. It begins with toning manipulations, ending with relaxation passes.
(approx. 1 hour)

Massage: natural pain relief
It helps to release substances called endorphins that give us a sense of wellbeing and help fight pain.
When combined with a balanced diet and exercise, massage helps restore the body's contour and reduce fat deposits.
Massage improves blood circulation.
Favors the transport of oxygen and the flow of lymph
Improves skin condition and function of internal organs
It helps carry nutrients to cells and remove impurities and toxic substances.
It helps keep the muscles and tendons flexible.
Improves posture.
Helps reduce stress stimulate the functions of the parasympathetic system.
Helps fight depression and negative moods.
Relieves headaches caused by nervous tension and muscle back pains.
Work on the muscle and tendon insertion.
Massage is the complement of daily physical activity and sport.
Improves flexibility of muscles, ligaments, fascia and tendons.
By experiencing changes in articular elasticity, relaxation is facilitated.
The body leaves habitual patterns of tension and stiffness and gets his agility.
Physical and mental energy is renewed to improve the quality of life

Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada
Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada
Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada
Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada
Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada
Masajes y Relax en la Alpujarra de Granada

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