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Casas Rurales BENARUM ® has a SPA area or area of water which has a jacuzzi, saunas, Arab baths (Hammam) and heated swimming pool. It is at the same venue of the holiday cottages and amenities.

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winter water area ( swimming pool heated to 32 °, Jacuzzi with hydro-massage jets, through therapies such pressures exerted on the body to relieve the mind and relax us daily tensions, cabins of hydromassage, Finnish Sauna and baths authentic Arab - Hammam ).

we recommend a full circuit bathing in the rural home relaxing hydromassage and steam sauna sessions and after passing through the area SPA - hot tub to take a bathroom with hydrotherapy.

How to take a Finnish Sauna

to take a sauna session must follow a certain protocol that ensures the effectiveness of the session. Anyway it is the user who must adapt general directions to your own taste taking into account its is tado's mood, his physical condition and experience.

is important to making the session of sauna with peace of mind and without strain. The precise time for a normal sauna session ranges between 30 - 40 minutes inside the Relaxtion Sauna or Turkish bath - Hammam.

The following general steps are as follows:

  • shower with hot water and SOAP. There are two different ways to enter the sauna, one with wet skin and other skin dry.
  • sit or lie on a towel to avoid being scalded by the banks, also for hygienic reasons.
  • enter the sauna cabin and put in an intermediate or upper Bank (the move to lower load Bank the heart, although a progressive acclimatization may be placing first on the lower banks to move up) and stay a maximum of 15 minutes. Optimal time of stay is between 10 minutes and 15, can reach up to 25, but must be the user who determine your length of stay. The sauna should be abandoned when you notice a feeling of oppression that tends to produce continuous sweating, this is the point where the beneficial effects are obtained, if there is to it these are not produced and if it is exceeded, they decrease. The temperature should be between 80 and 90 ° C (100 ° C maximum). Begins to sweat to the 8 or 12 minutes, so an increase of body temperature of some degree is necessary, it is actually equal to take a sauna at 80 ° to 100 ° C.
  • so that the entire body is at the same temperature must remain lying down. The gradient of temperature is very high, such that the difference of the lower to the upper banks tends to be remarkable.
  • exit and showering with cold water, starting at the feet and move up towards the center of the body. The shower should be refrigerated body and the contrast of temperatures increases the blood circulation by body surface area. You can take a dip or make the cooling air, very advisable for elderly people. Entering a cold environment of a hot sauna is not recommended, although it is good to make baths of immersion in cold water.
  • relax relaxed for 10 to 15 minutes. You can walk, take a massage... You can optionally take a bath with water hot.
  • caution with metal objects, chains, rings... since they reach high temperatures and with electronic objects can be impaired by excessive temperature.
  • body with clothing, especially plastic or waterproof, must not be covered since they avoid normal transpiration and reduce the flow of sweat.
  • inside the sauna you should not eat or drink. We must reduce the talk or any kind of exercise since they affect the breathing and circulation.
  • is advisable to compensate the loss of fluid that occurs, between a half and two kilos, drinking water or fruit juices.
  • with children must be vigilant to have immature systems of self-regulation of the body temperature, you should shower them with tempered water.

Conditions of use and facilities - Spa water area - schedule winter

the water area - winter "BENARUM ALJIBE" SPA is a community and its opening in the afternoon hours hours 18:00 - 20:00 hours from Monday to Saturday inclusive, on Sunday it will remain closed for the rest of the staff, this area in the months of July and August closed. The facilities are free for all guests who want to enjoy them. That area during the months of July and August closed, since they have the same expanded facilities and summer addition if opening hours or close.

Must bring linen bath, towels, bathrobe, hat and footwear.

Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - piscina climatizada
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - piscina climatizada
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - sauna finlandesa y sauna de vapor
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - chorros cervicales
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - Jacuzzi
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - Baños árabes o Hammam
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - Baños árabes o Hammam
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - Baños árabes o Hammam
Zona de Aguas - SPA Invierno - Baños árabes o Hammam

Rules of use and enjoyment - SPA area

(Opening hours from 18:00 H-20:00 H from Monday to Saturday inclusive, Sunday is closed for the rest of the staff)

1. prevents glass from entering the premises.

2. not allowed the entry of balls or similar, is a zone of relaxation rather than game.

3. mandatory wearing shoes of bath, bathrobe, bathing suit and Cap.

4. forbidden to pull themselves from head to the swimming pools or Jacuzzis, is mandatory to use the indicated access to different pools.

5. always close the doors of Sauna and hydromassage cabins.

6. respect the capabilities of each Jacuzzi, 4 people maximum.

7. not allowed the entry of children under 6 years.

8. required that children are always accompanied by their parents.

9. people with heart problems, pregnant women and babies as a precaution it is recommended not to make use of the facilities.

10. non-smoking facilities.


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