The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.

The Alpujarra villages

A trip with charm.

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If it sounds something La Alpujarra and decide to visit it on the Internet you can find lots of information about the region. Lot. But La Alpujarra is complicated, it is large, has a difficult access and a multitude of secondary roads that can take you, if you don't know where to go, to a dirt road that ends at the door of a farmhouse iron.

Are around 150 villages scattered on the hillside South of the Sierra Nevada, which are the highest mountains of the Peninsula. Here we are going to select only 5 of them for a first touchdown, to training mode. Starting from there already you can manage in the environment as an authentic alpujarreños.


We started our journey through Órgiva, of easy access from the main road and at the fork of road which then they will bring you saw above. In our way we have let Lanjaron, famous for its waters and the Moorish Spa. If you like Lanjarón and want to stay and live there you have to know that its inhabitants have the highest rate of life expectancy. A good place to make old.

As all La Alpujarra, Orgiva is steeped in Arab culture, but it is much older. According to historians it has been identified as the Exoche Greek colony, mentioned by the geographer Ptolemy. But what the traveler is now is a cosmopolitan town, with people from more than 50 nationalities mixed with the people of Alpujarra in an example of multicultural coexistence. Órgiva is the administrative center of the region and head of the party since 1839.

But all this so you can know if you give you a walk by the network. What you may not know is you have to give a walk by the River, by their orchards, winding streets, you talk to the people that you stand in any place or come into the first bar you find for Orgiva. At the tourist information Office will give information about museums, churches and other places of tourist interest and that you can see it in one morning. But to see the people, how they live, it is best that you walk.

What a New Zealander in La Alpujarra? The tranquility of Orgiva in love with many people who has decided to change his life, buy a House and settle in the field. The British Chris Stewart - Genesis drummer - lived here for years, and in his book lemons tells us his experience with a delicious natural. " He tells how was your transfer, installation and integration in the village and offers us a particular and interesting view of Órgiva from an English perspective.

How to get there, where to stay or what is the best thing you can eat can find in the web of the city of Orgiva. Take your notes and put on comfortable shoes.


A Orgiva output will have to take the road of the barriers that will take us to Trevélez. In our way we will be leaving Cañar, Bayacas, Carataunas, Soportújar and Pampaneira. Stand up here. Stroll a little by the people and drink, taste the wine and native caps. Breathe the air of the sierra Pampaneira is like a toy village.

We continue towards our second target Pitres, Pórtugos and Busquístar. Remember that since that start, we are in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a protected environment for your valuable interest, so you can enjoy the views and tries to recognize the species of flora and fauna that you find in your path - not punish you much, some are native and endemic, you won't see them in a different site. Busquístar past reach of Trevélez. Take it easy, Trevélez is the highest in Europe, at 1,476 m villagethe highway are only curves and drop, so it is best that you don't rush, but the destination is worth.

Trevélez already housed then Roman and Neolithic settlements, although they were the moriscos and the settlers of the Reconquista who shaped its current appearance. Three districts, three rivers, three valleys make a natural setting for the hiker and the nature lovers who can enjoy the different routes and excursions until the Mulhacén, Siete Lagunas, Penabon peak, or seven Windows of Trevélez.

And if I don't want to go? As you sit and enjoy the ham. ham has his crib in Trevélez, with great national and international projection, introduced in Versailles by the Empress Eugenia de Montijo and the Madrid Court of Alfonso XII by Natalio Rivas politician.

Again, we recommend you visit the Ajuntament de Trevélez web to learn more about its history, art, culture and gastronomy as well as the options for housing.


The descent of Trevélez us deflects to the left and pass through Juviles, Bérchules - known for eating here new year's Eve in August - and Alcútar grapes, most small and intimate, where to lose if you want to isolate yourself from the world, but we are going to continue to reach the regional A-4130 road and turn to the left, to the municipality of Alpujarra de la Sierra, where our third stop, Mecina Bombarón.

Village is located on the slope of a mountain, 1,270 metres above sea level and surrounded by a lush vegetation in an enclave that might be called of "paradise". Its history runs parallel to the neighbouring villages, prehistoric remains, a Roman, Berber, Moorish and conflictivo bridge brought to Castile and the North of Spain after the Reconquista to christianize the area.

Why we have come to this site so hidden? To rest. can spend the summer among trees and gardens or get away at any time. What is clear is that you will return and recommend you.

As in all La Alpujarra, eating here is very cheap. Crumbs, choto, ham, cheese, Alpujarra dishes, pickled Partridge, sweets... Authentic holiday rest and gastronomic enjoyment. For further information you need, or for reservations visit the municipality, Alpujarra de la Sierra page.


To abandon Mecina Bombarón take the path of Yegen and value - town famous as the birthplace of Aben Humeya - reaching Mecina Alfahar, where we turn towards Mairena.

Again have rivers, ravines and lush fields, history and prehistory, but in Mairena have something that makes it different from the rest, and the Puerto de la Ragua. The Ragua is a natural site of high mountain where one recreational station dedicated to cross-country skiing, one of the stations of the Sierra Nevada is included in the Natural Park, a reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO.

Mairena altitude in this natural step becomes

in the North door of the Alpujarra. For some it is people with best views of la Alpujarra since from here the African coast can be seen on clear days.

To what we have come to the puerto de la Ragua? Skiing, if you come in winter season, or hiking, if you come with the more temperate climate. Although again the purpose is only an excuse and the real reason will always be the travel and the route.

Mairena is part of the Ayuntamiento de Nevada Laroles, Picena and Jübar, three sites that we find at the exit of the village, on the way to our next and final destination.


Coming out of Nevada will arrive at Cherin, where we turn right and arrive at Ugíjar, our ultimate destination also in the high Alpujarra.

Again we get lost in the story that, mixed with legend, leads us to remind Homer as the first to quote ugíjar in the Odyssey, and Strabo who narrated that the city stood on a temple in which Ulises dejon offering their shields and his ship Rams.

And after the dark ages, the blossoming of the area thanks to a thriving industry and a skilled trade, Ugíjar will become city since the 15th century. Therefore, the Majesty of this city where you can visit Manor houses of the 16th and 17TH centuries between museums, hermitages and picturesque places, although you will have to make a forced stop at the Church of the Virgin of the martyrdom, patron saint of the Alpujarras, a temple dating from the 16th century.

The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.
The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.
The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.
The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.
The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.
The Alpujarra villages: A trip with charm.


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