Sus casas rurales en la Alpujarra Granadina

Senderos and walks in Alpujarra de la Sierra

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It is a recreational activity that takes place in the natural environment, which, in a managed way, thus contributes to the conservation and protection of the environment.

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details of the activity

  • duration: 3 h
  • people: 2 to 20
  • difficulty: average

in our municipality there are several trails that allow us to know the heritage and natural elements, as well as to discover places where progress has not come in a relaxed manner. "official" trails of the Alpujarra de la Sierra are four, and run between the most genuine and best preserved of the singular region. Roads that, for centuries, have gone the inhabitants of this land, merchants and travellers. Local trails

each of these paths makes us enjoy the sound of the landscape or the flora and fauna of our mountains and the rich and varied heritage of cattle trails that la Alpujarra has accumulated to its long history as a meeting place of the Roman cultures, Arab and Christian. through these trails can admire the irrigation system, with the elaborate system of canals of confrontation in which the water to the simas guide then out in the births of the vega and the towns. This system of ditches and irrigation is preserved in Yegen and Mecina Bombarón after nearly 800 years in perfect condition, as well as the names of payments and the abysses (the llanillos sima, of del tejar, that of the barranquillos...) also survive the terms used for irrigation (melga water, armband, mua, recalio...)and rafts to manage water payments such as the Castle, the of the arroyadas, merino source, estepares, arraices, signal,... paths depending on the time of year made offer a different experience, they can enjoy every day of the year, and in spring to admire the impressive waterfalls which are formed due to the melting of the Sierra Nevada. The trails are well marked that travel will be easy to follow.

details of the activity

The ACEQUIAS trail

this path is a true reflection of the way of life of the Moors with water always present. Starts at the highest part of the village in the District of old town square and passes through the "rim" of the "raft of the Castillo" in direction to the place of "Castañías" passing through "the plains", the barranquillos, etc. Walking the edge of ditches we contemplate ravines of clean and crystal clear waters, we have water births sour which have plenty of stories about its properties medicinal. walk these trails can see leafy masses that produce a great freshness to ride, we find wild fruit and chestnut trees, which in addition to its fruit gives us also be able to see the "cinarrerde" that makes its nest from mud and brocilla very similar to a cone, the colorful who choose poplars and quilting the nest with the flower that this tree in spring, pigeon, the cabecinegros, the sparrows, cuckoos, Magpies and the pajaricos of snows along with many other species are part of the large group of birds that inhabit these mountains.

The SENDERO LAS ENCINAS walking on the Roman bridge, the Royal Road of the Hoyas and among ancient oaks, will join Mecina Bombarón and Yegen. Mecina preserves its old bridge of the old "Royal Road" linking Almeria with Granada. Some attribute this architectural relic, considered in the village as a real monument of local Roman origin. Is located below the modern bridge of current transit, and contrasts with this for their uniqueness and style. It is a high-value architectural and possesses a great antiquity, as well as being the only region that still lives on in time. Travel through the landscapes of the Sierra for 5 km. that will see many types of vegetation and animal species such as the goat montes or the wild boar. EL SENDERO GERALD BRENAN

Yegen known universally by English hispanist Gerald Brenan who lived in this town for several years telling in his masterpiece "Al Sur de Granada" Customstraditions and the life of its inhabitants, the name of the author has engaged a known route which passes through the lower part of the village. The tour begins at which it was home of English and passing through the village to the core, we will reach the source camellona. From this laundry begins one of the roads most traveled and remembered by the English writer, who liked to take long walks where they appreciate the great value of the local Ecoculture. On this road following the signs that identify the path descend to the so-called rock of the strong, strength of the 11th century, in which the last Moors of Yegen retreated. Gerald Brenan refers to strong stone in several passages of his book, attributing its Foundation before the Muslim era: "the strong stone, an isolated rock a day held a Moorish Castle, and currently is home to a family of feral cats. (…) It is a huge rock, top flat, with an area of about 500 square meters with vertical sides are raised up to fifteen meters above the Valley. Path health in so little distance will be amazed at the diversity of places, we go through barren land on the rise to descend under the shade of chestnut trees. The beginning of the route is located in a small road behind the Hotel the corner of Yegen, while we toured this showy way observe different farmhouses some centenarians and other more recent that merge with the saw. Formerly farmhouses served as resting place for exhausted pastors of the Sierra that had free entry into these even if they were not their property, it was an enclosure with one or two bedrooms and a fireplace in these there was no running water or electricity. Currently the cottages are authentic House so villagers foreign as locals built solely to enjoy the environment and the landscape of the Sierra. Following the route you will find a large raft, known as "The sign", in which many villagers came to bathe.



Enjoy nature at the same time enjoying the favorite sports is very easy in the Alpujarra, as tourists is immersed in a natural environment that lives from Sunrise until sunset Sun. the altitude of these places, abundant forests and waterways, provide a cool and pleasant climate invitingenjoy those who do so, to excursions of one or more days that run between the low and high mountain. The presence of refuges, hostels and areas of camping in the area and the proximity between municipalities, allow different excursions. A backpack, a hat and a good pair of boots can be enough to enjoy a pleasant trip.

* For the lovers of the risk, the area offers pleasant surprises: steep slopes where practice climbing and ascents to the Sierra.


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