Gastronomía de la Alpujarra

Food and recipes of la Alpujarra

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In the most Eastern area of the province of Granada, in the Alpujarra, include casseroles, pots and stews, made with pride and knowledge by those who know that a good meal and good drink to them happiness and much love.

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Of Lanjarón can highlight the fennel stew and remojón; of Busquístar, Rabbit Stew; Capileira chestnut soup and the Gypsy pot of potatoes, of Trevélez. Of Pampaneira, gruel; of Mecina-Bombarón, garlic 'quemao' porridge; value, the pickled Partridge; of Ugíjar, rice ' free!'; of Rubite, the roasted pig's head, etc. meat products derived from pork are the most classic and extended of the Alpujarra, as sausages, blood sausages, sausages and multiple pork. But the ham, emblem of all of it, with Denominadon specified ham of Trevélez, is its highest expression. in la Alpujarra, you can enjoy the Rennets of almond and wing cakes - Ju and the "soplillos", of character Arab. who take advantage of them! with the mention of wines are wine of the land north of Granada and South-West land pomegranate wine.

Typical recipes from la Alpujarra

Matancera offal: is a meal or dish typical in the days of killing.

stew of castana: dish that can be tasted in the Chestnut Festival the first weekend of November, is a dish for palates demanding and elaborate based on chestnuts and essences of plants of the area.

Potaje de Hinojos: a typical dish from the area with development of products harvested mainly for auto consumption, such as fennel, potatoes, sausages or typical cold meats from the killings.

Migas alpujarreno: are a typical dish from the area with development of products harvested mainly for auto consumption, such as corn, wheat, meats or typical cold meats from the killings.

chickpea stew: a typical dish from the area with products harvested mainly for auto consumption, such as fennel, potatoes, sausages or typical sausages of massacres.

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