Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos

Route Aben Aboo lands of Moriscos

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The GR-7 is the European path of great journey that starts from Greece and after passing through several countries, leads to Gibraltar. Its entry into Spain is produced by Andorra, from this point on the identifying elements include the initials GR-7 E-4. The trail takes place in la Alpujarra for roads and sidewalks full of history, legend and natural beauty, making this stretch a paradigm of values and essences of the hiking.

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details of the activity

  • duration: 5 h
  • people: 2 to 10
  • difficulty: average

from the neighborhood of top down, under the source of three pipes, through the House where lived Gerald Brenan "for seven years," and tells us the label on its facade. in the neighbourhood of the village cross the Town Hall square where the Church is located to reach the square of the Hermitage with its hexagonal fountain in the middle. It is a path between orchards and olive trees that will take us to the cemetery, and from here a trail will lead us to the cortijada Montenegro. landscape barren, ensombrecedor, broken. Lomas, ramblas and gullies criss-cross covering everything we see South to get lost in the bottom of the Contraviesa. This saw is crowned by the Cerrajon at his feet spotted the village of Jorairátar. leave the track offsets that we are on the left: first one more lost, then another which leads to a few crops up a cerrete by a few olive trees, and a third which falls next to a farmhouse with a pool. Then cross the barranco de jogs. Because under a fig tree, it has a few small banks of work is recognized. If we move a little, drink a beautiful birth: we find ourselves in the jump of the Roma. Track passes through the remains of a yesera and introduces US to Montenegro, a cortijada surrounded by olive trees. the hamlet of Montenegro make up what a modern Chapel, a large farmhouse on a hill and several scattered farmhouses, which are inhabited two of them: called cortijo Bartolo where two brothers cattle and other elderly mother and son live in which live, all worthy of savoring. next to the Canal, an arrow indication warns us that we we must leave the track that we bring and take a path that goes to the right. In this place you can see the houses of the population that we are going: Golco. The irrigation channel that initially accompanies the sidewalk was born supply of Montenegro which is a beautiful stream of water that flows between rocks (here we find limestone). Under a swimming pool stores its waters. to get out of all this woodland feeding source, passed by the foot of the cortijo Miguel, poultry with stone base and over built of brick and block. We take the path down that is going the way of the Fresnillo and leads us to the slopes of the river Mecina. Opposite Hill is covered with vegetation and populated with two cores: El Golco and Mecina Bombaron. to reach the river nears the top of the Poplar Grove because right up there with a few twigs, it tends to be the bridge. After crossing it descend a few meters up front on a sidewalk stoned at the beginning, which shows what was this road. immediately went to a track that leave it to follow a traditional path right: the sidewalk, coming alongside a pitas, passes through Golco low era and after climbing the slope of Golco flows on the track, this greyish - bluish crossing through an area of launa. before reaching Golco a source on each side of the road will relieve us having come up from the River in a Km, 150 meters of altitude. Low supply that is hidden on the other side of the road, is more tasty that another sister that is opposite to the left. Golco square is shaded by a beautiful catalpa and governed by one of the oldest churches in the area. road that unites us to Mecina Bombarón meters took it before this square by a cemented lane. This left it right in the first curve and continue along a path full of vegetation and cooled by a ditch to get into the village of Mecina. Famous for its crops of beans and their delicious apples in winter. to reverse. if we were of Mecina Bombarón Montenegro descend 300 m drop, so it will take less time than if you exchange it. both in Mecina Golco has to pass through the village until the part lower, which is where does the path. (Of Mecina Golco and Montenegro Golco, respectively). from only Montenegro will have to follow the track in NE direction, since if we take right, SW, we bajaríamos to Yator. In Yegen will rise through the village until the road heading ne. will see that when you pass the loma and currency value, we find the path that low cost vineyard. From here follow only the paved road and then a track to reach value.

Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos
Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos
Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos
Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos
Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos
Ruta Aben Aboo por tierras de Moriscos


Enjoy nature at the same time enjoying the favorite sports is very easy in the Alpujarra, as tourists is immersed in a natural environment that lives from Sunrise until sunset Sun. the altitude of these places, abundant forests and waterways, provide a cool and pleasant climate invitingenjoy those who do so, to excursions of one or more days that run between the low and high mountain. The presence of refuges, hostels and areas of camping in the area and the proximity between municipalities, allow different excursions. A backpack, a hat and a good pair of boots can be enough to enjoy a pleasant trip.

* For the lovers of the risk, the area offers pleasant surprises: steep slopes where practice climbing and ascents to the Sierra.


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